Monday, September 6, 2010

Tales of a Dogsitter - Wino?

As I sit here in bed writing TBTB Chronicles I am enjoying a glass of cabernet sauvignon. The sun is sinking behind the horizon earlier these days and the leaves are changing colors too quick for comfort. There is a definite bite in the evening air. The locals know that fall is upon us here in Homer and winter is but a couple months away. Yikes – it seems to be coming really fast!

There is nothing better than a nice glass of red vino to take the chill away - comfort for the soul. I look around and see six dogs sharing my bed as I write. Of course they are all laid out, fast asleep with the heavy breathing of happy canines. Life is comfortable at TBTB Dog Camp.

I creep out of bed for a bathroom run careful not to wake anyone up, run downstairs and am back in less than 5 minutes. And there she is. . OMG, I can’t believe it! Camp Cocker Misty, Quirky Misty we call her because she is so hilarious, is standing on the nightstand with her entire snout in my glass. She is lapping away at the wine just like water and loving it! I struggle to get her face out of my glass and notice that she had consumed more than half of it. Needless to say she is now sound to sleep by my side. Can’t fault the girl for having good taste. Sweet dreams girly! Hopefully you won’t have a nasty headache in the morning.

Do you suppose dogs can develop a taste for good wine? If so, would they then be called a Dino?

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  1. How hysterical is that! I still might try to steal her! She has very mischievous look on her face! Any potential adopters for her yet?

    Nick has settled right in and is extremely well behaved except for the howling when left alone - this morning he was fast asleep on the couch and woke up and saw no one was there so he started his howl routine. Doug went downstairs and said he saw the ghost of Spunky urging him on.