Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Grain-Free Dog Kibble: To Feed or Not To Feed. That is the Question

I have never purchased a “low-fat” or “no-fat” product in the grocery store because if the fat is taken out it has to be replaced with something else, and it’s probably chemical. That was my intuition speaking to me years ago and I paid attention.  

Why then, would I feed my dogs a grain-free diet? Adhering to the above logic the grain would also have to be replaced with something else. Like most people I got caught up in the hype that has taken over the dog food industry, and thought it was something good. My multiple dogs often have itchy skin that can’t be diagnosed without extensive allergy testing that may or may not identify the problem. So, it seemed reasonable that it could be the grain as suggested by the industry. The truth is, after several years of grain-free kibble my dogs are as itchy as ever especially in the spring and fall. The scratchy skin is cyclical and occurs around the change of seasons. I now think it is non-food related and has more to do with the environment. But, until recently it never occurred to me to put them back on grain.

The Current Rage
Consumers have been buying grain-free kibble for several years now. It’s actually hard to find a high quality dog food that has grain these days. We often equate high-quality with the price which may or may not be the case. I have recently read articles about the downside of a non-grain diet relating to the substitution products added when the grain is eliminated. I spoke to my veterinarian about this and her comment was: “grain is good.” Apparently veterinarians are beginning to see medical issues associated with the substitute products that are added to the kibble. These issues are heart related and can be serious.

I’m putting this out there as food for thought—no pun intended. We all want what’s best for our  four-legged beloved dogs. My advice is to research the pros and cons, read the ingredient labels, and talk to your veterinarian to determine the right choice for your dog. After doing just that,  we have made the decision to return to grain. 

Woof! Woof!