Monday, September 13, 2010

Tales of a Dogsitter – Tightass*

*American Slang meaning: an inhibited or excessively self-controlled person.

I have a friend that works for a bear viewing charter service here in Homer and she often refers clients to TBTB Dog Camp. Rather than leave their dogs in a camper for 8-10 hours while they are off photographing frolicking brown bears catching salmon, clients can drop their dogs off with me for daycare or an overnight stay.

Yesterday my friend had an extremely uptight east coast couple inquiring about a bear-viewing trip – she referred to the woman as a “tightass.” She can get away with stereotyping east coasters because she is in fact one herself and can immediately recognize the attitude - so different from what you find in Alaska.

This particular couple was concerned about leaving their dog home alone in the RV, so my friend mentioned TBTB Dog Camp adding that the owner (that be me) loved dogs so much that they were allowed on the furniture, and that she even let them sleep on the bed with her if they wanted to.

OMG, well that did it – sunk the sale, out the window, over the top! My friend said the look on the woman’s face was priceless. Aghast, they both stared at her totally stone-faced, no hint of even a small smile, and tightass said: That will NEVER work. We do NOT allow our dog on any furniture.”

Recognizing the humor in all this and knowing the sale was gone, my friend simply agreed. “Yelp. You’re right, that will never work!” They didn’t book the trip. . . or dog camp. ☹

I wonder if a tightass client would produce a tightass dog? No doubt, but I bet the dog – with a little encouragement - would have a ball letting his hair down. He could really cut loose and have a once in a lifetime experience at Tails-By-The-Bay Dog Camp, where dogs are allowed to be dogs. And except for the smile on his lips, who would know the difference? ☺

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  1. We encourage all the guest dogs to break as many rules as possible. We teach them how to walk off leash, how to swim in the real river and get dirty and they have a blast. It makes me sad that they won't have that here anymore - but I can refer them to you in Alaska! We need more camps like ours!