Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tales of a Dogsitter - TBTB Thanks-Giving Day, 2010

Seven dogs and I rise early on turkey day. There are goodies to package up – including some homemade Kaluha that I made a few weeks back that needs to be bottled. It has been sitting in the dark closet just waiting to be opened. Well, okay so I already opened it and had a nip, or two, or. . . In fact, I have decided to give the stuff away because I cannot leave it alone. Made with 190-proof grain alcohol and mixed with milk, it tastes just like a milkshake! The problem is it goes down way too fast, and leaves me wanting more. I must share this with my friends so out the door it goes with me today, well most of it anyway. ☺ I am fortunate to be invited for dinner at three houses, what a treat - sorry doggies but you have to stay home.

On normal days the TBTB doggies are fed a breakfast of oatmeal, boiled eggs, homemade Greek yogurt and bananas on top their kibble. This morning I added a scoop of canned pumpkin wishing them a happy day. Sure, they think. Fine for you to say – you’re out of here and two of us will be in a crate while the remaining five of us will sleep on the couch all day just waiting for you to return. Okay, okay . . .I get it. Maybe a nice long walk before I leave will help with the guilt – I’m finally out the door around 11:30 AM – leaving behind some pretty sad faces. On a normal day at least three dogs would come with me in the car. But today, they all have to stay behind.

I arrive at Anne & Dick’s just in time to sit down to a delicious meal of turkey, oyster dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry relish and the best part? Pumpkin Pie made from real organic pumpkins grown in Homer. Nom, nom. . . And, did I mention the yummy red wine? Now, I’m really full. I intended to pace myself, what happened? Oh well it is Thanksgiving and it’s okay to be stuffed like a turkey. I hate to eat and run, but I must move on and make my appearance at house #2.

Jane and her friends have just settled in at the table when I arrive. Oh, no thanks, I’m really good right now, no plate for me. I’ll just have dessert. Oh, and some wine please. ☺ I pass up incredible looking vegetarian dishes along with a perfectly roasted turkey and all the trimmings. I flat did not have any space in my belly for another morsel of dinner, but I did opt for something sweet, AGAIN! One of Jane’s guests is a baker/sous chef and he made the most amazing cheesecake with goat cheese. It was so incredibly rich that I needed another glass of red wine to go with it. Plus there was a sliver of Pecan Pie on my plate next to the cheesecake. Of course it was all consumed in a heartbeat. Yikes! I need to keep moving to digest all this good food. See you later guys, enjoy the Kaluha and thanks for the wine!

I arrive at house #3 around 4:30 – just as they too are sitting down to eat Thanksgiving Dinner – dé·jà vu. No thanks, please just let me sit here and have a splash of wine. Sharon hands me a wine glass full to the brim. OMG. I drink it quickly so they can get on with their meal and I can get back to the doggies. The food by now has moved through my stomach and the only thing left sloshing around in there is red vino! (And, you wonder where Misty Ann gets her wine tooth?) Thanks Guys, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and call me later if you need help with the leftovers!

By this time I’m feeling pretty guilty for being away all day. I arrive back at TBTB just in time to make doggie dinners. OMG, did I even think to bring home any leftovers? Nada. Not only was I gone most of the day I also forgot to bring home a single turkey scrap. So once again they had to settle for kibble with a dollop of canned pumpkin on top!

In the meantime I come up with a plan for black Friday – and NO, it is not shopping. The thought of that madness causes me to hyperventilate! Instead at TBTB Dog Camp we are celebrating "black" Friday as "Dog Day Thanks-giving" – sounds much more appealing, don’t you think?

So. . . on Friday morning in the company of seven grateful canines, I roasted a Butterball turkey breast, made mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, gravy and lima beans, all while they sat in the kitchen and patiently looked on. At last their real Thanksgiving dinner was served! And, a short time later I had seven snoring dogs sacked out in the living room. Life is as it should be at TBTB Dog Camp where dogs are treated special - as they should be.

I am thankful for the six special dogs (LucGoose, WoodBoy, DoDog, RockDog, Misty Annie, & BunBun Roush) that permanently share my space, and all our canine guests that come over for a sniff around Tails-By-The-Bay - the upscale retreat for the well-pampered dog. Woof! Woof!

or on this day. . .
Gobble, Gobble!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tales of a Dogsitter - Misty Ann Strikes Again!

Okay so Misty has become Misty Ann, Misty Annie, Misty Annie, Annie, Annie, and now the latest? Ms. Annie. It seems to suit her. I have fallen for this foster girl – not only is she funny, she is extremely loving, and whenever she sees a chance for some solo attention, she gets on my lap, licks my face and rolls onto her back for a belly rub. This makes her happy. I can tell because she has a perpetual smile on her lips. However, she is still up to her tricks on the side.

I have started feeding her in a Kong and she loves it. She’s so efficient and patient in her task of destuffing it. I fill up her food bowl and then stuff the Kong directly from her bowl. It is two full Kongs worth plus after all the work, she then gets to lick the bowl clean. Talk about excited! She jumps three feet off the ground when she sees me with the Kong and her bowl.

Tonight she finished her dinner and was happy to chill by the woodstove with the other six canines in camp. I was enjoying my glass of wine, she now knows it is off limits at least while I’m next to it but I know she would go for it if I got up for any reason. ☺ Anyhow I love reading my book with a glass of vino in front of the fire on a cold winter night surrounded by all things dog.

Tonight, I hear something upstairs. I look around me and mentally do a head count. Okay so six are accounted for, who is missing? Ahhhh, it’s Misty Ann or Ms. Misty, now known as Annie. Although there is a commotion upstairs I call her and she runs to me and immediately lies down at my feet looking contrite. Okay, girly. I know you’re up to SOMETHING, but that’s okay. I’ll check on it later.

Two hours later I go upstairs and everything looks in order. Except. . . the small bowl with doggies treats is missing. I see some paperwork on the floor under my desk and realize that Annie has apparently jumped on my chair, moving onto the desk (where she knocked two pieces of paper onto the floor) and gone over to the bookcase for the big snag. That’s right, the entire bowl that held doggie treats is missing. Other than that everything is as it should be. I look under the desk, in the doggie tent, under the bed and have yet to find the bowl. Go figure.

She’s amazing. She moves in for the snag, grabs it and hides all the evidence. I’m not sure I would have noticed the missing bowl without the clue of papers on the floor. Hey girl, you almost got away with it. But where IS the bowl? Did she eat it? I’m sure she stashed it to be rid of the evidence and it will turn up at the most unexpected time.

Living with a smart little wiggle butt is indeed a challenge. She is a howl and I doubt seriously that she will ever leave TBTB Dog Camp. She keeps us on our toes here and we like that. Ms. Misty Annie - we love you! How could we not? You are not only clever but also a complete riot. Now, where is that bowl that once held the liver treats???? All the dogs want to know . . .

Woof! Woof!