Thursday, August 20, 2015

Barhopping with a BarFly (Dog)

And so it was, a lone blonde cocker spaniel slyly snuck out of the window of a white VW Beetle, scurrying close to the ground with her head down low, entering the bar without making a sound.  And, no one even noticed. . . 

Tonight we went to the Alibi to grab a quick bite to eat—halibut taco and cheese fries, along with a nice cold hefeweizen. By “we” I’m referring to my two travel mates for the evening, RockDog and AnnBanan. BunBun is usually in the car but she went hiking with her friend today, and wasn’t back by the time we left. She was dropped off in the car later, while I was having the last of my dinner.

Returning to the car, there was a reunion of dogs, happy to be back together—Bunny was indeed missed at dog camp today. As I’m pulling out of the parking lot, the bar owner’s young daughter was trying to tell me about a dog that I assumed was hers, but I wasn’t really present in the conversation. I smiled and waved as we headed home. Imagine my surprise, When. . .half-way up East Hill Road my cell phone rang and a man said: “I have your blonde cocker in the bar at the Alibi. I got your phone number off her tag.” I was confused wondering what this man was talking about, because, well, I have all my dogs with me, don’t I? But wait, I look in the backseat and sure enough, the curious one, the one always getting into mischief, the sneak, the boozer, the cake eater—is indeed GONE. What the Hell? Why did I not notice? Maybe because I came with two dogs and there were still two in the car? But, how did I miss seeing her escape in the open parking lot, and into the bar no less. So that’s what his daughter was trying to tell me. Sigh. . . "On my way," I said to the voice on the phone.

As we pull into the parking lot, I see AnnBanan wiggling her butt and licking her rescuer in the face as he sits beside her on the porch, after she was 86'd from the bar. She is totally oblivious to us, and he was totally smitten with her, commenting on how pleasant she was. Really, Banan? What a little flirt she has become. There was a time when she first arrived at dog camp that she would just as soon bite, as look at you. Those days are over and she now loves everyone and everything, especially if there is food involved. Her nose probably got a whiff of the halibut tacos and out the window, in search of the smell, she went. I can’t imagine how she got through the small crack but she is tenacious, especially when her nose is leading her. And those of you that have read previous stories about this girl, know she has a weakness for red wine (preferably Merlot), Cuba Libres with dark rum, and spice cake with Grand Marnier frosting! We can now add halibut tacos to the list.

Oh Anne, you are such a character in this screenplay called Dog Camp. Now along with all your other names that label your behavior, you are a BarFly (Dog)! 

Woof! Woof!

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  1. Oh Anne Banan, you are the precious blonde bar fly....Glad your with your pack.