Saturday, July 17, 2010

DoDog Tale

I have been experimenting with making TBTB Dog Biscuits and had liver bars, tuna cookies and bananaramas on the counter. I dried them in the oven and was testing their shelf life to see if I got all the moisture out - they were in open plastic bags. I came home from town today to find that ZipDog had gotten on the counter and had a couple - apparently I caught her in the act, because only a few were taken (I actually thought she knew better and stopped on her own, Ha!) I moved the chair away from the counter so she could not do it again.

Later on I was in the bedroom talking on the phone. When I came out to the kitchen I noticed plastic all over the floor and upon further investigation I noticed that ALL of the biscuits were gone, about 3 lbs. worth. She had strategically found a way to jump up on the crate and balance herself long enough to help herself to the yummy treats. Guess after the first taste she just couldn't resist. Needless to say she is now in the crate for the evening w/o Dinner. Now, isn't that just like a DoDog? Grrrrrr!

So much for your bikini bod!

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